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assembly of rehabilitation and assistive device brands to bring industrial upgrade


as a new business pattern spanning manufacturing and service industry driven by the joint forces of demand and policies, the assistive devices industry is endowed with great potential and broad prospects. according to a special survey on the basic services for and needs of the disabled in china, there are 7,580,000 people with disability certificate having no access to services with assistive devices. along with the increasing population of senior citizens and aged people with disabilities, the demand for assistive devices and services continues to be on an upward trend. also, the “suggestions on accelerating the development of assistive devices industry” issued by the state council helps create a favorable policy environment for the promotion of this industry.

the care & rehabilitation expo china 2017 (cr expo china) as newly upgraded is becoming china’s largest, most specialized and internationalized exhibition of the industry. being the most eye-catching spot, the rehabilitation & assistive devices pavilion gathers the world’s prominent brands including reha international, össur, ottobock, aooman, xiangyu medical, humaneotec, kaiyang group, hangzhou danafon, foshan dongfang wheelchair, matsunaga, kawamura, aging-friendly, bedding world from taiwan, sonova, zoomax and honeycomb, to bring an unforgettable feast for all visitors.

top enterprises list up in assistive devices pavilion saturated with surprises

foshan dongfang wheelchair
booth no.: a33

foshan dongfang wheelchair is going to display its newly developed fs series wheelchairs and manual hospital beds and introduce a variety of assistive products suitable to all kinds of customer groups.

reha international
booth no.: a49

with a collection of fabulous products like plie 3 intelligent bionic waterproof prosthetic knee, terminator waterproof and intelligent bionic ankle and carbon fiber energy storage foot, reha international aims to help the disabled break away with wheelchairs and crutches to enjoy a real, free life.

humaneotec medical and rehabilitation
booth no.: a29

the overhead lift and care system introduced by humaneotec will greatly benefit patients and their caregivers. not only will patients be attended in a safer, more comfortable and respectable way, facilitating their rehabilitation with multi-methods, but also the caregivers will be released from a large amount of stressful work.

xiangyu medical
booth no.: b23

turning up with its intelligent hand function recovery system as well as other rehab and therapy equipment and trauma treatment equipment, xiangyu medical, by upholding the advanced ideas and technology, is bringing a new kind of rehab experience.

booth no.: b25

renaijiahe is to showcase a group of talking and braille labelled household appliances to assist the blind and people with low vision enjoy a better life.    

please come to the cr expo china 2017 to discover more exhibitors!

concurrent high-profile events

you may still expect more for this september. excitingly, the theme activities of 2017 “belt and road” disability affairs cooperation are going to be held along with cr expo china 2017. other high-level conferences and forums including asem global conference on person with disability cooperation, the 2nd global conference on assistive devices & technology industry, international assistive device industry development forum, beijing international forum on rehabilitation, international audiology forum, and international forum on wearing service robots will also take place during the same period together with showcases of service achievements and trade matching events. these activities will cover audiology, rehab and medical treatment, wearing service robots and other sectors, which will provide a unique and unprecedented opportunity for the assistive devices industry to be comprehensively upgraded and dominate the global market. 

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  • 2017.09.07