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cr expo 2017 featured area to bring new industrial trend and more ways for hearing rehabilitation


it is reported that the morbidity of congenital hearing impairment in chinese newborns is 1‰ to 3‰. as they grow older, chances of getting permanent hearing impairment are even larger with the incidence rate growing up to 2.7 ‰ before five years old and to 3.5 ‰ in adolescence. the morbidity in the aged is as high as 73.58%. at present, there are 137,000 children from 0 to 6 years old suffering from hearing impairment and every year sees more than 30,000 new cases added to the group. rehabilitation for deaf children has been included to the national rescue work plan. as revealed by statistics of the who, over 60% of children hearing impairment can be avoided. thus, diagnosis, intervention, and rehabilitation at an early stage appear fairly important.

authority holding the steering wheel to co-build a bright future

to raise more people’s awareness of hearing impairment, cr expo 2017 in collaboration with china rehabilitation research center for hearing and speech impairment will create a featured area of china hearing and speech rehabilitation technologies and products. being the only national institution of its kind, china rehabilitation research center for hearing and speech impairment is the hub of the nation’s technological resources as well as an industry management organization, and at the same time, it is a national co-operator of international organizations like the who and hearing international.

for thirty years since its establishment, the center has assisted relevant governmental departments in drawing up, organizing and carrying out five 5-year plans for national hearing and speech rehabilitation, helping about 400,000 children recover partly and fully from hearing impairment. it promoted the establishment of around 1000 hearing and speech rehabilitation institutions in provinces, prefectures and counties. the center has lived up to its reputation by leading and completing over 40 scientific research projects which created and improved the methods, technologies and standards of the industry. it has made indelible contribution to the development of china’s hearing and speech rehabilitation cause.
industrial elites converging at cr expo to disclose latest trends of the industr

covering an area of 1500 square meters, china hearing and speech rehabilitation technologies and products featured area will gather together over 30 world-leading enterprises of the industry, including madsen·aurical·ics from denmark, cochlear from australia, sivantos, resound from denmark, shanghai listent medical tech, shanghai jia yu acoustics technology, shanghai wengqi medical, beijing tuoer, beijing sunnyetech, beijing tianyue, beijing yuan hang education, shenzhen listen bell, guangzhou kam hearing technology, foshan amsound, qingdao rongxin industry and trade, suzhou soundlink, suzhou fulicare, shanxi zhuo sound and zhejiang nurotron. they will bring the world’s cutting-edge technologies, products and solutions with them to appear at the expo. together with the most authoritative organization in china, the enterprises will form a world-class exhibitor troupe to show the public a global rising force in the hearing and speech rehabilitation industry.

concurrent national professional forums to direct future of the industry

being one of the theme activities of 2017 “belt and road initiative” disability affairs cooperation, cr expo 2017 is going to be held along with a series of high-level conferences and forums, such as “2017 china hearing and speech forum”(the 5th china audiology forum). with four well-received previous sessions, the forum is themed around “belt and road initiative, integration and sharing, and improving the quality of hearing and speech service”. it invites authoritative experts home and abroad to share their views and opinions concerning audiological accuracy service, efforts in co-building and sharing language resources to achieve win-win results as well as other topics like comprehensive recovery from international, trans-field and interdisciplinary perspectives. more academic exchanges and discussions are going on in its parallel sessions such as hearing seminar, speech seminar and rehabilitation and education seminar, all to pour new opportunities and driving forces into china’s hearing impairment prevention and rehabilitation industry. 

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  • 2017.09.07