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lead the future with intelligence & enjoy a new era of elderly care---a grand opening of the 4th china international silver industry exhibition


the 4th china international silver industry exhibition (referred as sic), co-hosted by china silver industry association, china poly group corporation and guangdong committee on ageing, was grandly unveiled at poly world trade center expo, guangzhou today.


as the most influential senior care industry exhibition in china, the scale of this sic has reached 22,000 square meters and attracts over 300 exhibitors from 12 countries and regions to join, including exhibitors from netherland, australia, japan, america, germany, france, england, new zealand, taiwan and hong kong. among all exhibitors, nearly 100 of them are from abroad. the three-day exhibition is expected to attract over 50,000 visitors to come and make their procurement.


introduce science and technology as impetus, lead a new life of elderly care

 following the development trend of senior care industry, the 4th sic observes hot spots in market demand and assembles domestic renowned enterprises and international leading brands to present their latest products and technology in the health and senior care industry, focusing on barrier free living, smart elderly care, rehabilitation and nursing as well as senior housing.


barrier free living pavilion, with its extraordinary showcase of the most cutting-edged elderly-friendly furniture and bathroom facilities, attracts large number of visitors. the new intelligent full-automatic washlet promoted by toto, an international leading producer of sanitary ware, gathers sensor functions of automatic uncovering, deodorization and washing, giving the elderly an amazingly comfortable experience when they go to the toilet; the accompanying sofa and multi-functional transfusion chair presented by unifix furniture, a leading brand in elderly care furniture industry, creates a perfect integration of indoor environment and furniture which better achieves its elderly care and medical purposes; the flooring integrated solution plan brought by armstrong flooring, a leading brand of global flooring industry, provides a combined service including accessories, installation and training, striving to provide a safe space and flooring for the elderly.

smart elderly care pavilion showcases the eye-catching new technology in elderly assistive products and brings continuous surprises to visitors. the family assistant robots designed by anzer intelligent engineering applies the technology of c-mechanical arm and can perform tasks including helping getting-up, opening doors, cleaning and operating household appliances, which makes home care more convenient; the amy-a1 household service robots displayed by amy robotics integrate functions of intelligent voice, safety surveillance and medical care, connecting human, robots and objects in an automatic and intelligent way; the ‘health pavilion’ provided by shenzhen belter combines health observation, chronic disease nursing and cloud-health managing together, providing professional intelligent elderly care solutions; 100ecare technology exhibits their overall intelligence elderly care solution scheme which utilizes software, hardware and platform to create a tight connection among the elderly, their children and agencies and form a linkage service ecology circle.

rehabilitation and nursing pavilion exhibits rehabilitation facilities and assistive devices that can be widely used, drawing high attention from both community care and medical and elderly care institutions. the electrically-operated shifting machine of gx longest uses trunk jacket linked by monorail sliding hitch point to provide weight-lifting support and protection for patients on a vertical direction, reducing the risks of shifting positions and raising nursing efficiency; xiangyu medical care brings integrated rehabilitation and physical nursing equipment like multi-joint active and passive training apparatus, magnetic therapeutic apparatus, high-voltage low frequency pulse therapeutic apparatus, etc., providing effective solutions for the recovery of different body systems.

senior housing pavilion gathers multiple operation modes of different elderly care programs, giving visitors full imagination of senior lives in the future. the health town constructed by dianchi international elderly care resort, which combines elements of ‘pharmacy service, medical care, elderly care, health care and entertainment’ together, creates a new model of elderly care featuring health and energy; after landing institutional elderly care brand ‘he xi hui’ in regions nationwide, poly real estate starts upgrading its brand of community care and promotes its community-embedded mini brand—poly ‘he yue hui’; the american renowned chain elderly care brand, cp homes, localizes its oversea operative experience to adapt to local situation and creates a high standard elderly care community that integrates medical service and elderly care.

international pavilions gather to share new business opportunities in senior care industry

countries and regions including netherland, australia, japan, taiwan and hong kong also bring global top elderly care brands to the sic and introduce the most advanced long-term nursing and elderly care system, ideas of planning and design as well as cutting-edged products and technologies. royal dutch philips, the top 500 enterprises in the world, showcases efficia sr80 n interactional and situational movement training system for stroke patients, which can effectively raise their body movement ability and therapists’ working efficiency; tafe queensland, the largest public vocational education and training agency in australia, introduces advanced professional training experience to cultivate professional workers in elderly care service; yasui architects & engineers, one of the most famous large-scale comprehensive architectural design agencies in japan, brings in the planning and design case of medical care, health care and elderly care facilities that represents the highest design standard of japan; hong kong cultural homes provides an one-stop procurement platform of elderly care, medical and health care products.



summit forums forecast the future of senior care industry

on the opening day, 2017 china international silver industry summit forum and other forums have been held concurrently and themed as ‘chinese senior care industry—forge ahead for higher quality and efficiency’, which gather elites from home and abroad in various sectors including governmental officials, industrial experts and business leaders to come and exchange their views on the hot topics and future development trends of the industry. heated discussion were held in the forums, which were crowded with passionate audiences. in the following days, we will bring in more high-quality professional events including the forum of rehabilitation & assistive devices for the elderly, poly heyue brand launch and geriatric medicine academic conference as well as the one-to-one match-making conferences for medical & elderly care institutions and senior housing, in order to provide an in-depth analysis of each sectors and facilitate the accurate matching and efficient collaboration.


the 4th sic will see more visitors coming in the next two days with more concurrent events presented on spot! coming soon!

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  • 2017.09.07