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leading a healthy aging life into a new era: the launch of the 6th china international silver industry exhibition


a new journey to a new destination. the 6th china international silver industry exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “sic”) co-sponsored by china silver industry association, china poly group corporation limited and guangdong provincial committee on aging will be held from october 31 to november 2 in 2019 at poly world trade center expo in guangzhou. the 6th sic will be upgraded again, with an exhibition area of 22,000 square meters. there will be more than 350 well-known companies from china and foreign countries, and 50,000 professional visitors as well. 

the 6th sic will be under the guiding principle of the strategic plan of the 19th cpc national congress, which sets to respond actively to the aging population, establish a policy system to provide elderly care services, create a social environment that respects the elderly, and promote the combination of medical care to accelerate the development of elderly care services and silver industry. it will also try to give an overview of the development trend of the industry, deeply integrate high-quality resources of the upstream and downstream of global industrial chain, and cooperate with more market entities to create a high-level, comprehensive and international multi-industry platform.

i. four major high-standard pavilions mapping the silver industry 

as the leading platform for china's silver industry, the 6th sic is further expanding the four major pavilions, including the barrier-free pavilion, the rehabilitation and care pavilion, the smart elderly care pavilion and the elderly care real estate pavilion. it will also upgrade the special pavilions of elderly care services, the longevity townships, and nursing beds and mobile aids. there will be a debut pavilion of hearing aids for the elderly. all these will help to subdivide the market into more clearly identifiable segments such as rehabilitation and care, elderly care services, elderly care real estate, articles for daily use, and sojourn and elderly care, leading the industry to be on the fast track to development. 

as the population is increasingly aging, everyone is realizing how important leading a healthy and happy aging life and receiving quality elderly care services really are. adhering to the mission, the 6th sic will continuously improve the longevity townships pavilion, and showcase organic economies, like health and wellness programs, sojourn and elderly care and unique health care specialties of the longevity towns in china. it will also organize concurrent activities, including networking meetings for the elderly care and health real estate as well as medical and care organizations, in order to expand the influence of longevity townships and promote proper resources pooling. 

the special pavilion of nursing beds will draw together a cluster of leading companies from china and abroad such as paramount, bedding world, orbitec, 3lbot, palmary, exhibiting the cutting-edge, professional and diverse nursing beds that are conducive to a more dignified aging life. 

for the elderly who suffer from movement impediment, the 6th sic will set up a special pavilion of mobility aids and technologies such as walking frames, walking sticks and wheelchairs to fully meet their different needs. 

hearing loss and tinnitus are the most common chronic diseases for the elderly. about 30% of elderly people in china are suffering from different levels of hearing impairment. focusing on the problem of hearing impairment in the elderly, sic 2019 will set up a new special pavilion of hearing aids for the aged, comprehensively provides professional services such as hearing aid trial and fittings, assessment and relevant rehabilitation services. it will also hold a concurrent forum for the hearing and speech rehabilitation of the senior, in order to deepen the communication in the industry.


ii. steady internationalization comprehensively grasping new business opportunities for the silver industry 

more than 35% of exhibitors in the 5th sic came from foreign countries. the 5th sic embraced nearly 100 well-known companies from more than 20 countries and regions including japan, australia, france, the united states, germany, denmark, the netherlands and canada. 

as a bridge that professionally promote trade exchanges between china and foreign countries, the 6th sic will be further internationalized by gathering famous brands such as toto, karasawa, bertelsmann, mcs, medical care service, legrand, yasui-archi and rdns. pavilions of japan, the netherlands, australia and taiwan will carry on introducing more world-class senior-oriented products, technologies and solutions to help companies seize new business opportunities of the industry. 

iii. high-level concurrent activities boosting proper commercial networking 

sic is not only an international trade platform of the silver industry, but also a platform for sharing experiences and discussing industrial trends. the 6th sic will hold nearly 20 professional forums and wonderful activities such as china international forum on ageing, sub forums, special forums, procurement networking meetings, trade talks, etc. more than 120 scholars and experts from government departments, industrial and social organizations, and leading enterprises will make in-depth discussions on the hot topics and trends of the industry, thus facilitating proper coordination between supply and demand.

it’s the right time to seize this opportunity! sic has moved forward with difficulties and setbacks for five years. it remains true to its original aspiration and is dedicated to becoming one of the best in the industry. the 6th sic will become the bellwether of the industry, integrating qualified resources of upstream and downstream industries, and helping exhibitors to take the initiative and capture the market. it will lead the industry to achieve a higher-level upgrade. 

the 6th china international silver industry exhibition is now officially launched. please contact us to book booths! we are looking forward to meeting you from october 31 to november 2 in guangzhou! 

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