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you've got invited --channels for pre-registration of visitors to care & rehabilitation expo china 2019 opening


from october 10 to 12, 2019, the largest care and rehabilitation expo in china, care & rehabilitation expo china (cr expo), will be held at beijing national convention center.

with an exhibition area of 25,000 m2, 350 high-quality exhibitors, tens of thousands of new products and technology throughout the whole industrial chain of assistive devices for rehabilitation, the expo will fully meet the professional visitors’ demand for one-stop procurement. meanwhile, more than 30 high-level conferences will be held to create an excellent platform of idea exchanging, forefront discerning, and business connecting for participants.

with only 3 months to go, the pre-registration for visitors to cr expo has been started. apply now and you can get the chance to raffle, free and fast admission with the registration code, and prior access to multiple concurrent conferences. this annual care and rehabilitation event should not be missed!

the following spoilers go especially well with the pre-registration!

see the exhibitor lineup -- which brands will exhibit prepared?

well-known enterprises and technology stars in various fields will lead the exhibition, displaying products and solutions for the care and rehabilitation of various dysfunctions in limbs, vision, audition, verbal ability, intelligence, etc. to provide comprehensive and reliable choices for buyers from all channels. the brands include:

manufacturers of prosthetic limbs and orthoses such as ottobock, össur, tehlin, endelai, reha, reboocon, brain co.; manufacturers of aids for walking and mobility such as karma, kaiyang, matsunaga, kawamura, permobil, vermeiren, foshan dongfang, mbl, test, shunkangda, haosida; enterprises of visual aids such as nextvpu, krvision, rejoin, mediworks r. g., guohongkang, orcam, dot incorporation; enterprises of hearing and verbal aids such as sonova, starkey, ast, acosound; enterprises of aids for communication and information such as 7invensun, tobii; medical enterprises of care and rehabilitation such as shanghai electric, xiangyu, qianjing, kanghui, yuwell, ci he, yikang, huaxin, easysteps; brands of children rehabilitation such as aooman, holding sunshine, tiger, erbaole, children laugh, honeycomb, huanyushow, yuzhi; innovative enterprises of rehabilitation robots such as ai-robot, free bionics, roboct.

* part

see the forefront products -- new technology empowering disability rehabilitating

at this expo, an influx of new products and technology of care and rehabilitation will be unveiled, such as intelligent prosthetic limbs that helps disabled people to control their fingers with cranial nerves, intelligent bionic knee joints that can automatically enter the swinging phase and gait adjustment, smart glasses that helps the blind to “hear” the light, that is, presenting environmental information “virtually” in the mind through a specially coded stereo sound, eye-controlling instruments that control mouses to operate computers by monitoring retina and eye movements, gait rehabilitation training for people with walking disorders, and exoskeleton robots that perform or compensate for walking functions, etc.

you will see all the innovative applications of artificial intelligence, bionic technology, brain-computer interface, virtual reality, computer vision and other cutting-edge technology in the fields of care and rehabilitation for the disabled and elderly.

see the trends and hots topics -- concurrent forums gathering intelligence and strength

more than 30 conferences will be held in the same period with the expo, including high-end international forums, industry/technical seminars, trade fairs, gathering elites of the industry at home and abroad to develop multilateral dialogues and discussions on hot topics such as the industry cooperation and technical exchange of assistive devices, hearing and verbal rehabilitation, low vision rehabilitation, special education and rehabilitation, elderly care and rehabilitation, rehabilitation department construction, etc., to help the precise grasp of industry trends and the efficient achievement of trade cooperation.

sneak peek at the wonderful conferences

the 3rd global conference on assistive devices and technology
forum on standardization of senior care institutions
the 9th international forum on innovation and service adaption of assistive devices and technology
the 10th international low vision rehabilitation forum
seminar on construction of rehabilitation departments in second-class hospitals
changjiang forum on prosthetic limb services and technology
summit on educational rehabilitation
* please stay tuned for updating.

pre-registrate now to get exclusive visiting benefits

from today on, you can pre-registrate for visiting through the official website, wechat official account or audience hotline, to enjoy multiple benefits such as free and fast admission, access to exhibition newsletters, free expo publications, raffling and priority participation in concurrent conferences. welcome to experience with your friends!

scan the qr code below to enter the fast registration channel.

october 10 - 12 | beijing national convention center

care & rehabilitation expo china 2019 will be there for you!

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